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9 sekunden

9 sekunden

A meditative exploration of architecture. Featuring buildings by David Chipperfield and Tadao Ando, 9sekunden are a team of young designers from various spatial professions, who have combined their love for moving stills with their love for good architecture, urbanism and nature.

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9 sekunden
  • Ando Conference Pavilion

    Tadao Ando's conference pavilion on the Vitra campus was the first building that the architect realized outside of Japan. The film captures the meditative mood of the building and allows the concrete building to rest in the aesthetic atmosphere of the cherry orchard.

  • Chipperfield Kunsthaus Zuerich

    The extension of the Kunsthaus Zurich, designed by David Chipperfield architects berlin, shows the journey of discovery of the first visitors to the new building.

  • Schulz Haus Altenberg

    House Altenberg is built on the foundations of an old monastery. The partly still existing historical architecture was masterfully merged with modern building parts by Gernot Schulz: architecture and now shines in new splendour.

  • Chipperfield Museum of Modern Literature

    The Museum of Modern Literature by David Chipperfield architects transports the viewer into the atmosphere of a warm midsummer's day. The architecture is both the main protagonist and backdrop for the daily hustle and bustle in marbach.

  • Philipp Villa Schatzlmayr

    The Villa Schatzlmayr by Philipp architects takes place in the dreary atmosphere of a rainy day. However, this supposed desolation hides a warm poetry reminiscent of the philosophy of Wabi Sabi.

  • Schulz Ban

    The inner-city school campus Ban by Gernot Schulz: Architektur shows the intelligent interplay of a building ensemble and its tension-filled interspaces.

  • Andreas Fuhrimann & Gabrielle Hächler Residential Houses

    An atmospheric study of the houses designed by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler architekten on the Hungerberg in Aarau. The ensemble of buildings evokes memories of a spaceship fallen out of the space-time continuum.

  • Libeskind Felix Nussbaum Haus

    The Felix Nussbaum haus by Daniel Libeskind, one of the most famous buildings in osnabrück. The design by studio Libeskind creates an interplay between the classic old building and the winding architecture of the new building.

  • Gigon Guyer Museum Kalkriese

    The archaeological museum in kalkriese, designed by gigon / guyer architects. Embedded in the landscape of the teutoburg forest lies the museum's steel-clad architecture, it shows the traces of the battle of varus - the battle in which a large part of the roman army fell victim.

  • Vidinski Formwerden

    A film documentary about the artist Denis Vidinski. The film portrait shows the draughtsman and graphic artist in his search for structures and patterns in nature. They form the basis of the linocuts that ultimately emerge from these drawings and sketches.

  • Thing Place Heiligenberg

    The Thing Place, the shape of which is reminiscent of a scarab beetle, was designed by Hermann Alker for the national socialists in 1934. However, the origin of the Thing Places is much older.

    They are said to have come from the north at times when Christianity was not yet so widespread. Thing ...