Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

6 Episodes

Sarah Beeny attempts to save a near-derelict listed Georgian stately home. Having offered advice to amateur property developers, can she make all the right decisions herself?

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare
  • Episode 1.

    Episode 1

    Graham and Sarah tackle the old Regency dining room. When the house was built 200 years ago this was one of the most lavish rooms in the house, but they have used it as a dumping ground.

  • Episode 2.

    Episode 2

    Sarah and Graham turn their sights on the grandest rooms - the morning room and the drawing room. It's a challenging task restoring the elaborate plasterwork and features on a tight time schedule.

  • Episode 3.

    Episode 3

    Sarah and Graham take time out from the restoration of the grand state rooms to focus on a playroom for the whole family as the battle with the local council reaches breaking point.

  • Episode 4.

    Episode 4

    Sarah and Graham decide to tackle three bathrooms with three very different challenges. For inspiration, they visit the workshops of a manufacturer of period sanitary-ware reproductions.

  • Episode 5.

    Episode 5

    Sarah and Graham continue their rollercoaster relationship with Rise Hall as they discover the extraordinary hidden history of one of the rooms

  • Episode 6.

    Episode 6

    Sarah and Graham go into overdrive preparing their dilapidated Georgian mansion for a wedding reception. There are nightmares aplenty, including a freak wasp infestation and one last twist.