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Design Touch: Season 1

Design Touch: Season 1

15 Episodes

Designers, architects and fashion designers exclusively show you around their lofts, castles and country houses. See dream places, guest houses, boutique hotels: "Design Touch" gives you its choicest addresses.

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Design Touch: Season 1
  • Restaurant Decor

    Episode 1

    He's a designer, a photographer, and graphic artist - and if all that weren't enough, Rafic Farah then became an architect to build his house in San Paolo.

  • Culinary Design

    Episode 2

    Marc Bretillot is a culinary designer. A food aesthete - and he's created a superb kitchen for himself. The rest of the house is just as delicious. This house is also a hobby.

  • A Touch of Gold

    Episode 3

    Born in Alicante but Parisian by choice, designer Maloles invites us to visit her apartment. Two pretty interiors in the loveliest of Parisian places - café Carlu and the Mini Palais.

  • Zen in the Bay

    Episode 4

    Like on a white page, decorator Fabrice Diomart has managed to create an elegant mix of styles, this is his apartment. Two designers, one story. The Campana brothers, original, brilliant Brazilian designers.

  • Minimalism

    Episode 5

    A minimalist apartment on the River Rio. Decorated by Frenchman Jean-Luc Boucharenc. Teatime in sweet little places, unpretentious but deliciously cosy.

  • The Art of Elegance

    Episode 6

    Elegant, feminine and immaculate, all words that epitomise designer Eymele Burgaud's apartment.And an object endowed with essential charms: the dressing table.

  • The Gallery Owner's Home

    Episode 7

    Eric Allart has been an amateur of objects since childhood. This passionate gallery owner, decorator and antique dealer greets us in his home.

  • A Master's Design

    Episode 8

    Antoni Arola is one of the leading designers of his generation. He's Spanish, and he's opening the doors to his loft for us in Barcelona.

  • Nordic Vision

    Episode 9

    An apartment may be the occasion for a meeting, as with Mark and his architect, Christophe Perichon, for instance.

  • Yacht Living

    Episode 10

    A guided tour for landlubbers, today we're going on board a yacht.

    The Arvor and Mayet are two small, unpretentious and very successful Parisian hotels.

  • Tea Party

    Episode 11

    Caroushka is an interior decorator and artist. Tour her loft in Stockholm. Rossana Orlandi is a design headhunter. Her base in Milan is a contemporary treasure chest.

  • The Mini-Palace

    Episode 12

    Katinka is a unique character. She has fixed up for herself a refined and feminine mini-palace. A theatre that suits her wonderfully.

  • A Home of Sophistication

    Episode 13

    William Berthe loves beautiful fabrics, his small house in Normandy is a so-phisticated cocoon. Two deco restaurants, two spots at opposite ends of Europe for those in a flat spin.

  • Industrial Arts

    Episode 14

    In Barcelona, artist Pepa Reverter knew how to turn the flaws of an old industrial space to his advantage: bright and colorful, but not too much.

    Jaime Hayon wows us. The Spanish designer has a taste for theatrics and games. When designing, he has a sense of humor you can't just let pass you by.

  • Simple Design

    Episode 15

    Clean and bright, a description of Morten Jensen's danish apartment, a gem of simplicity and organization in Copenhagen.

    Hotels also get their makeover. Unkempt and outmoded, this small establishment undergoes a chic face lift to reveal at last all of its charms.