Design Touch: Season 3

Design Touch: Season 3

15 Episodes

Ever wondered what Karl Lagerfeld’s library is like? Or fancied a peek into Valérie Barkowski’s splendid house in the centre of Marrakech? Or just how hard is it to buy an Amsterdam church and transform it into a residence? Discover this and more with the third and final season of Design Touch.

Stop by the castle in Dordrecht, the oldest city in Holland; dine at a stunning seafood restaurant in Beirut, and marvel at the chic and luxuriously elegant Miami designs of René Gonzalez.

These 15-minute episodes are the perfect sample of the world’s best luxury homes, hotels and restaurants; and the perfect travel inspiration.

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Design Touch: Season 3
  • Episode 1.

    Episode 1

    Take a tour of the election house by the architect Alessandro Caparello.

    "& Company's" mission is to accompany and promote young Australian designers through the collections of objects that are sold in their shop and in other locations. This project brings together a community made up not only ...

  • Episode 2.

    Episode 2

    "Koloni" originated from the coming together of a designer and the owner of a retro object shop.

    How to choose a hotel in Paris, today? Be tempted by the Mandarin Oriental, a 5-star Parisian hotel.

  • Episode 3.

    Episode 3

    David Gaillard has become a star in decor, he's found in books on decor, in decor magazines, and he'll show us through his apartment today.

    Brussels is the place for design, the place for fashion, the place to be. There are plenty of reasons to go there and go to the Vintage Hotel. The first is ...

  • Episode 4.

    Episode 4

    In Megève, she created what has now become the must-see "Farms of Mary", a wellness hotel that's rather ahead of its time. Today, Jocelyne Sibuet is the head of charming and luxury hotels.

    In one of the oldest quarters of Beirut, and also one of the most charming, you'll find Albergo hotel, whic...

  • Episode 5.

    Episode 5

    New York City. In the old Meat Packing District, the area has a pool on the roof. The Soho House functions as a club for designer clients, and it's beautiful like any New York loft.

    Marcel By is a new publishing house that focuses on good design and craftsmanship.

  • Episode 6.

    Episode 6

    Myriam Balay works with paper and textiles with the "Copirates" collective creating joyful, poetic, and pleasing objects.

  • Episode 7.

    Episode 7

    A new generation of Scandinavian designers and editors call on inspiration from the greats like Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen.

  • Episode 8.

    Episode 8

    A chic and luxurious elegance is what defines René Gonzalez's work, his modern houses in Miami adapt to the tropical climate.

  • Episode 9.

    Episode 9

    Britt Crepain and Stefan Spaens are two young architects in Antwerp, Belgium who together imagined a building that exudes their style and spirit.

  • Episode 10.

    Episode 10

    Katarina Abrahamsson is an Interiors architect for Svensktenn, a Swedish institution of decoration that dates back twenty years, keeping to its traditions while also working with contemporary designers. Her house is twenty minutes from Stockholm and stands as a wonderful example of this fusion of...

  • Episode 11.

    Episode 11

    Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard enjoy their working relationship, as the director for Chanel, he calls her his right and left arm.

  • Episode 12.

    Episode 12

    In Amsterdam, you often find churches up for sale. It's a bit of a challenging battle to obtain authorization to transform them into a residence but it's guaranteed to be a unique place. That was the plan for Fons Cohen, the founder of a kids' clothing brand, Imps and Elfs. In this church, he liv...

  • Episode 13.

    Episode 13

    Valérie Barkowski has lived in Russia, but today she also lives in her homeland, Belgium, and in India, where her "Bandit Queen" linen line is produced, for which she is the artistic director. A third home is found in Morocco where we delve inside.

  • Episode 14.

    Episode 14

    Thierry D'Istria creates an array of objects, his 50's style is no longer a trend, a style, or a bohemian fad, it is simply classic.

  • Episode 15.

    Episode 15

    Palatre et Leclere is an up-and-coming architecture firm. They excel in communities, schools, shops, and housing as a collective. Individually, they each come up with beautiful and simple ideas, from small spaces to large commercial projects.