Have You Watched?

  • Alvaro Siza Transforming Reality

    In Alvaro Siza: Transforming Reality Portugal's renowned architect reviews his work with architectural historian, Kenneth Frampton as they tour fifteen projects, including the Serralves Museum and the Aveiro University Library. Siza discusses his approach to architecture with Frampton, explaining...

  • Stoneybatter

    Dermot wants to turn the house completely on it's head, putting the bedrooms to the front and extending the back to include a kitchen, living and dining that leads into the garden.

  • Social Housing

    "You don’t understand the kind of scarcity there is in Mexico and many other countries." - Javier Garciadiego, developer

    Scarcity. Population density. Disaster recovery. Mexican architects are facing all of these challenges in ways that will surprise and inspire you.
    Episode two of MEXITY looks...

  • Mario Botta: The Sacred the Profane

    The film that explores the fundamental questions that drive Swiss architect Mario Botta's exploration of space. Through Botta's personal testimony and reflections from critics and artists, the documentary investigates the oppositional concepts of the sacred and the profane that are integral to hi...

  • Kevin Roche - The Quiet Architect

    chronicles the life and career of renowned Irish-American architect Kevin Roche (1922-2019), who disdained the limelight despite such triumphs as the master plan for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and winning the Pritzker Prize in 1982, the highest honour an architect can receive.

    Still w...

  • Episode 10.

    Katarina Abrahamsson is an Interiors architect for Svensktenn, a Swedish institution of decoration that dates back twenty years, keeping to its traditions while also working with contemporary designers. Her house is twenty minutes from Stockholm and stands as a wonderful example of this fusion of...

  • CABN

    CABN was established to provide people with a means of disconnecting from the mayhem we have brought upon ourselves. A completely off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly relocatable cabin.

  • Soneva Kiri - Thailand

    The beautiful island of Koh Kood in Thailand to discover a hotel that is a pioneer of sustainable development. Its founders, Sonu Shivdasani and his wife Eva, are convinced that high-end tourism and the environment can go together, and have been working around sustainable luxury tourism for over ...

  • A Home of Sophistication

    William Berthe loves beautiful fabrics, his small house in Normandy is a so-phisticated cocoon. Two deco restaurants, two spots at opposite ends of Europe for those in a flat spin.

  • 5S

    Inspired by the Japanese 5S organisational method, architect Nicholas Gurney created a streamlined, minimalist 24m2 home. Neatly divided by a moving screens and a split wet and dry kitchen. Everything has a place in hidden storage including the portable cooktop and dining table, intended to never...

  • One MANI House

    What defines good architecture and ultimately a well-designed home? If there was ever a perfect example it’s One MANI House by Mani Architecture. This home takes a difficult, narrow site and uses it to create an adaptable, flexible, four-bedroom home that is filled with unexpected moments, beauti...

  • City of Culture of Glacia

    City of Culture of Glacia - Santiago de Compostela, Spain by Peter Eisenman Architects. The architect Peter Eisenman created a landscape made of buildings in the Spanish Pilger town Santiago de Compostela.

  • Karoot

    While we're still social distancing, we were able to capture another episode of Never Too Small in Melbourne. We'll be sharing more of our usual episodes as restrictions lift.

    Lauren and Nicholas Russo found Karoot while searching for a home for their growing family, together they lovingly conv...

  • Vilanova Artigas

    The documentary rebuilds the life of the Brazilian architect João Batista Vilanova Artigas. His relatives, friends, students and six of his major works tell the history of this iconic Latin American modernist.

  • The Experimental City

    In the 1960’s, as the cities collapsed and the suburbs sprawled, Athelstan Spilhaus had a vision: A futuristic city for 250,000 residents, engineered from scratch in the isolated woods of northern Minnesota, to solve the twin urban and environmental crises.

    The Minnesota Experimental City wou...

  • Deeds Not Words

    A film chronicling the life story of Robert P. Madison, preeminent architect, orator & patron of the arts. This is a story about a man who has been instrumental in building Cleveland’s new waterfront yet at one time was denied an opportunity to even apply to one of the city’s schools of architect...

  • The Warren

    Unique among 18 other 1960's walk-up apartments, Nicholas Gurney extensively reworked The Warren as a seamless space, drawing the eye deeper into the apartment. Removing the previous partitioning walls allowed all of the 49m2 space's necessities to be framed within a joinery concealed kitchen, an...