Have You Watched?

  • Cowshed

    Cathy and Michael Keane bought their house when it was being used as a cowshed. They converted it, had four children and over the years Dad, Michael, has added on bits to it. The extension behind the original cottage took eight years to complete. Now the house is a warren of disconnected small ro...

  • Jilliby House

    Americans Mickey and Lanie Clark have built a remarkable bushland home after a two year work trip turned into a 20 year love affair with the Australian landscape.

  • Episode 6. Merseyside

    In the final programme of the series, architectural designer Charlie Luxton heads to the richly varied mercantile coast of North West England – stretching approximately 60 miles along the Wirral Peninsula and up past Liverpool, it’s a place that’s steeped in maritime history and rich in architect...

  • Blackrock

    John Rochford from Dublin and Lee Benn, originally from Limerick, have bought a house in their dream location - South Dublin's seaside suburbia, Blackrock. Although the location is perfect, it will take a serious amount of work before the couple's new home becomes anything idyllic.

  • Brent Knoll

    A very brave owner takes her home from the 1800s to the 21st century.

  • City of Culture of Glacia

    City of Culture of Glacia - Santiago de Compostela, Spain by Peter Eisenman Architects. The architect Peter Eisenman created a landscape made of buildings in the Spanish Pilger town Santiago de Compostela.

  • Episode 7.

    What is the tip to make flowers even more beautiful? The essential question is: Do we have to buy plants? Loulou de la Falaise passed away but she has left us her style as a legacy.

  • Yacht Living

    A guided tour for landlubbers, today we're going on board a yacht.

    The Arvor and Mayet are two small, unpretentious and very successful Parisian hotels.

  • Do More With Less

    Do More With Less shows how young Latin American architects are bringing about a change in practice by offering a new understanding of the way the profession interacts with society. Rethinking the use of materials, academia, and the power of community and team work.

  • Yardstix

    Yardstix takes advantage of underutilised space to bring functional architecture to backyards. Drawing character from the Queensland radiata pine, and framing the necessities within the walls themselves, Nicholas Gurney's 20m2 secondary dwellings provide green, economic, self-contained living spa...

  • Castleknock

    Architect Dermot Bannon faces a tough challenge in meeting the design brief and budgetary restraints for the Zambra family who are building an extension in Castleknock.

    So far in the series we have seen the ground floors of two homes completely redesigned. This is the first programme with a bui...

  • A More Human Motor

    The various respiratory metabolisms of man during sports performance is an inspiration to design hybrid car engines that emit less CO2.

  • El Camarin

    Centrally located in Buenos Aires the 25sqm El Camarín occupies a triangular space in a 1950’s building previously left empty due to its small size. A unique scalloped balcony screen allowed iR architecture to incorporate the balcony into an expanded living area. The bedroom was relocated and sep...

  • Judaism

    Judaism visits one of the earliest synagogues on the mountain fort of Masada, the Gothic Old-New Synagogue in Prague and nineteenth-century houses of worship in Budapest, Liverpool and New York, as well as Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Beth Sholom, near Philadelphia.

  • Life Architecturally

    Life Architecturally follows internationally-acclaimed husband and wife team, Robert McBride and Debbie Ryan to discover what inspires their groundbreaking concepts, designs and architecture.

  • Episode 1. The Garcia House

    Iconic Homes - Iconic - Perspectives
    The Garcia House by John Lautner

  • Japan Three Generations of Avant-Garde Architects

    In an examination of Modernism, Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-Garde Architects studies seven innovative minds who fuse Japanese traditions with modern materials and technology. Bonded by a belief in architectural savagery and brute minimalism, Itsuko Hasegawa, Arata Isozaki, Toyo Ito, Tadao Ando,...

  • Minimalism

    A minimalist apartment on the River Rio. Decorated by Frenchman Jean-Luc Boucharenc. Teatime in sweet little places, unpretentious but deliciously cosy.