Here are the Arquitectas

Here are the Arquitectas

3 Episodes

In a New York Times article, writer Allison Arieff raises the question that the architectural community keeps asking: "Where are all the female architects?”

A documentary series featuring the new wave of female architects working internationally from Mexico.

Here are the Arquitectas
  • Fernanda Canales

    Episode 1

    Explore the stunning red brick Terreno House, located on the foot of a mountain three hours from Mexico City. Designed by Canales for her family, the house embraces and incorporates the excess and damaged building materials into the design, and creates shelter from the radical weather while allow...

  • Tatiana Bilbao

    Episode 2

    Wander through the tranquil Ajijic House, nestled between Chapala Lake and its surrounding mountains in Jalisco; designed and built with the very earth it sits upon, to avoid major design compromises with the project’s tiny budget.
    Next, see the same successful and efficient earth-based building...

  • Rozana Montiel & Claudia Rodriguez

    Episode 3

    Climb the spiral staircase into the elevated Nidos House, woven with a beautiful and seamless harmony into the ecological reserve El Peñón. Subtly resting above the earth on a series of load-bearing walls, the house imitates a classic bird’s nest, suspended in the treetops, while causing as littl...