In the Mind of the Architect

In the Mind of the Architect

3 Episodes

In the Mind of the Architect is a stylish exploration into the eclectic world of architects and their cutting edge creations. Concentrating on the views and motivations of several award-winning architects and a selection of their most challenging and remarkable projects, this series sets out to explain the process we call architecture - its philosophy and its essential relationships with people.

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In the Mind of the Architect
  • Keeping the Faith

    Behind every facade lies a battle of wills... the struggle for the supremacy of ideas. Modern Australian architecture has been buffeted by waves of ideology. From the modernist ideas of Europe through the eccentricity of post modernism to the local influence of climate and place. In this first ep...

  • The Public Good

    Architecture is public art. We all have to live with the appearance of a building for a long time. So architects carry a responsibility for the character of our cities. Through buildings they create community. Increasingly in our time the wealth which builds our cities is in private rather than p...

  • Corrugated Dream

    Episode 3

    We canvass the opinions of a range of architects around Australia, including Glenn Murcutt, Harry Seidler and Phillip Cox.