5 Episodes

Cities today are not necessarily ones we want to live in. As the world becomes more urbanized, initiatives to improve urban environments are needed: Projects that transform the built environment or new ideas for improving the city of tomorrow.

Mexity explores new relationships between architecture and the city, highlighting innovation over four dynamic episodes: Public Spaces, Social Housing, Upcycling, and Productive Spaces.

This is Mexico City. “Here we risk.”

Directed by Kate Kliwadenko & Mario Novas

  • Public Spaces

    Episode 1

    Episode one of MEXITY examines the ways contemporary Mexican architects are approaching award winning public spaces.

    See progressive examples of building in harmony with pre-Hispanic history, and a showcase of uplifting post-earthquake urban revitalisation.

    This episode features interviews wi...

  • Social Housing

    Episode 2

    "You don’t understand the kind of scarcity there is in Mexico and many other countries." - Javier Garciadiego, developer

    Scarcity. Population density. Disaster recovery. Mexican architects are facing all of these challenges in ways that will surprise and inspire you.
    Episode two of MEXITY looks...

  • Upcycling

    Episode 3

    “When the previous century’s architects arrived somewhere they usually tore everything down in order to start from scratch.” - Julio Amezcua, Reurbano

    Valuable architecture from previous decades lies abandoned throughout Mexico City. Even worse - some of these historical gems are being reckless...

  • Productive Spaces

    Episode 4

    "Laguna was a bankrupt textile factory. I looked to the core of it, trying to understand the use of this place to see what it could become in the future." - Alberto Kritzler, developer

    When manufacturing went offshore, many of the bustling factories in Mexico City were abandoned. The value of lo...

  • In Conversation with Mario Novas & Kate Kliwadenko

    Join the creative team behind the new Shelter Originals series Mexity for an exclusive Shelter live-stream Q & A event with host Andrew Spicer (Folies) Filmmakers Mario Novas & Kate Kliwadenko join Shelter, to give a special insight into the research, production and discoveries of Mexity; and ans...