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My City with Jakob Dunkl

My City with Jakob Dunkl

10 Episodes

Viennese architect Jakob Dunkl (querkraft Architekten) explores key modern and fascinating buildings in major European cities. Dunkl meets architects, artists, museum directors, urban planners and other city enthusiasts, discussing architecture with luminaries such as such as Dominique Perrault, Wolf D. Prix, Jan Gehl, Odile Decq, Willem Jan Neutelings and Ben van Berkel.

My City with Jakob Dunkl
  • Copenhagen

    Episode 1

    Copenhagen is teeming with original public spaces and buildings. Dunkl first visits a colorful square with art objects from all over the world. There, he discusses with artist Björnstjerne Christiansen the identification that the square provides. In the architectural office of BIG Dunkl meets Jak...

  • Nantes

    Episode 2

    Nantes was once an important trading centre with a large industrial port. But times change and Nantes had to reinvent itself. Dunkl visits an eco-social housing project, the spectacular transformation of the Île de Nantes by Alexandre Chemetoff and the radical university building by the famous ar...

  • The Ruhr Area

    Episode 3

    The Ruhr region is not an architectural beauty. But traces of the industrial past exude a fascinating charm. Dunkl wants to know what lies behind the ubiquitous buzzword structural change. The tour begins in Bochum at the Jahrhunderthalle, steeped in history, and at a futuristic school building. ...

  • Antwerp

    Episode 4

    Antwerp is changing very carefully, creating an exciting symbiosis of historical and contemporary architecture. Where warehouses and storage facilities once stretched out, the "Museum aan de Stroom" now stands. Architect Willem Jan Neutelings explains to Dunkl why the museum tower has become a ma...

  • Amsterdam

    Episode 5

    In the episode "My City: Amsterdam" Dunkl visits the well-known Dutch colleague Ben van Berkel in Amsterdam, a luminary of contemporary architecture. Together they explore the city where van Berkel lives and works, exploring both famous and lesser-known buildings, places and spaces: from the Muse...

  • Lyon
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    In Lyon, famous architects are working on the transformation of the cityscape. Dunkl's foray begins at the Musée des Confluences. Architect Wolf D. Prix of Coop Himmelb(l)au explains the concept behind the futuristic castle in the air. In a former industrial area, he meets the architect Odile Dec...

  • Munich

    Episode 7

    Munich adorns itself with magnificent façades from the 19th century. But today, the Bavarian metropolis is home to both: tradition and modernity. His first destination is the famous Kunstareal, with its extension of the Lenbachhaus and the State Museum of Egyptian Art by Peter Böhm. On the outski...

  • Luxembourg

    Episode 8

    Luxembourg's development is rapid. In architectural terms, too, the country has ventured from tradition to modernity: Dunkl's first stop is the European Court of Justice, where the architect Dominique Perrault explains to him how, despite a long construction period, a great love story has been cr...

  • Cologne

    Episode 9

    Old and new often enter into a fascinating symbiosis in Cologne. Dunkl starts his tour at Cologne Cathedral, of course, and is taken to lofty heights by the cathedral's master builder. In The Kolumba by Peter Zumthor, he experiences the extraordinary atmosphere of an art museum. Cologne's largest...

  • Bordeaux

    Episode 10

    Bordeaux is changing its beautiful old face. Here Dunkl discovers the spectacular extension of Richard Rogers' Palace of Justice and a ramshackle settlement by architectural legend Le Corbusier. He explores gigantic development sites and visits a modern cathedral of wine built by star architect C...