Nature = Future

Nature = Future

29 Episodes

From nature to high-tech, there's only one tiny step. Let's take that step with Nature = Future, a series that is all about scientific knowledge and the wonders of nature. We discover how scientists reproduce these unique properties from the living world to give us a future that will be more intelligent and more sustainable through design.

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Nature = Future
  • Mushrooms Cleaners

    Episode 1

    It is possible to imitate the extraordinary capacity of mushroom mycelium to depollute soils and assemble new biomaterials.

  • A solar Butterfly

    Episode 2

    Why not adapt the strategy of the Morpho butterfly, whose wings can absorb heat by radiation, to make photovoltaic panels more resistant to very high temperatures in the desert?

  • The Lotus and the Fakir

    Episode 3

    Saint-Gobain studies the super hydrophobic properties of the lotus leaf to develop new industrial and sustainable materials.

  • The Energy of the Bees

    Episode 4

    Foraging bees know perfectly how to manage their 'fuel'. On this principle, the company Pole-N has created a sustainable energy model that generates a circular economy.

  • The Denticules of the Sea

    Episode 5

    By copying the structure of shark skin, composed of dermal denticles, the American company Sharklet manufactures antibacterial coatings to reduce nosocomial diseases.