Architecture on the Edge

Architecture on the Edge

The works of Chilean architecture are sharply man-made, rough, cosmic and oceanic. These breathtaking designs are built on salt blankets in the desert, on the edge of oceans, cradled amongst mountains, grasping to an earthquake-prone land.

Architecture on the Edge
  • Nishizawa House

    Project: Nishizawa House
    Location: Los Vilos, Chile
    Architects: Office of Ryue Nishizawa

  • Klotz House

    Project: Klotz House
    Location: Tongoy, Chile
    Area: 99m2
    Architect: Mathias Klotz

  • Desert Interpretation Center

    Project: Desert Interpretation Centre
    Location: Calama, Chile
    Architects: Emilio Marin & Juan Carlos Lopez

  • Shangri-la Cabin

    Project: Shangri-la Cabin
    Location: Coihueco, Chile
    Area: 45m2
    Architects: Magdalena Besomi & DRAA

  • Rio Plata Shelter

    Project: Rio Plata Shelter
    Location: Pucon, Chile
    Area: 150 m2
    Architects: Francisco Cruz & Elton Leniz Arquitectos

  • Modern Art Museum

    Project: MAM - Modern Art Museum
    Location: ChiloƩ Island
    Area: 678.60 m2
    Architects: Edward Rojas & Eduardo Feuerhake