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  • Fernanda Canales

    Explore the stunning red brick Terreno House, located on the foot of a mountain three hours from Mexico City. Designed by Canales for her family, the house embraces and incorporates the excess and damaged building materials into the design, and creates shelter from the radical weather while allow...

  • Rozana Montiel & Claudia Rodriguez

    Climb the spiral staircase into the elevated Nidos House, woven with a beautiful and seamless harmony into the ecological reserve El Peñón. Subtly resting above the earth on a series of load-bearing walls, the house imitates a classic bird’s nest, suspended in the treetops, while causing as littl...

  • Tatiana Bilbao

    Wander through the tranquil Ajijic House, nestled between Chapala Lake and its surrounding mountains in Jalisco; designed and built with the very earth it sits upon, to avoid major design compromises with the project’s tiny budget.
    Next, see the same successful and efficient earth-based building...

  • Here are the Arquitectas

    1 season

    In a New York Times article, writer Allison Arieff raises the question that the architectural community keeps asking: "Where are all the female architects?”

    A documentary series featuring the new wave of female architects working internationally from Mexico.

  • No Building as Usual


    'No Building As Usual' addresses the urgent climate challenge in architecture by documenting the construction of Nest House—a sustainable home for two elderly individuals in the British countryside. The film showcases a collaborative effort involving 12 young individuals from underrepresented bac...

  • Paradigma Olivetti


    The documentary explores Olivetti's industrial design from Adriano's death to the 90s through the challenges of an era marked by rapid innovations: the transition from mechanical technology to electronics, up to IT and telecommunication era.

  • Zaha



    Zaha Hadid was a visionary. When she passed away in 2016 she left behind a body of work that is amongst the most recognisable and influential in the world. Here, her friend and fellow architect Eva Jiřičná reflects on her life and legacy.

  • In Conversation with Stephanie Mauro-Lipp & Damien Lipp

    Rory Fraser (Follies) hosts a Shelter Extras conversation with filmmakers Damien Lipp & Stephanie Mauro-Lipp about their projects Tiny Spaces and Churches of Iceland.

  • 6 Tsubo House

    The 6 Tsubo House, located in the bustling district of Yotsuya in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is an exceptional dwelling that showcases how creative design can make even the smallest living spaces feel comfortable and spacious.

    Designed by Arte-1 Architects, the narrow three-story house, measuring just 56...

  • The Grand Plan

    1 season

    This New Zealand documentary series tracks restaurateurs Nick and Sarah, along with entrepreneurs Graham and Stephen, as they navigate the tumult of four earthquakes to repurpose a worn Christchurch heritage hotel into a modern gastropub.
    Initially derailed by seismic events, their vision pivots ...

  • Prospettiva Olivetti


    The film embarks on a journey through Olivetti's iconic buildings, spanning the 1960s to the 1980s. As it explores showrooms, factories, and headquarters designed by international architectural masters, the documentary weaves together personal narratives and archival materials. It reconstructs a ...

  • Prefab Future House


    Peter Stutchbury Architects new solution to prefabricated affordable housing from one of Australia’s most celebrated modern architects. A Shelter Original Film.

  • Wooden Soul

    1 season

    Eight brazilian designers who transformed their passion for wood into a craft. They are: Claudia Moreira Salles, Fernanda Barretto, Fernando Mendes, Hugo França, Julia Krantz, Morito Ebine, Paulo Alves and Ricardo Graham. Between planes, chisels, templates and lots of sawdust, in each episode we ...

  • Love House

    A house in the quiet coastal Kanagawa prefecture was designed to feel like living outside, built by the CEO of Takeshi Hosaka Architects, associate professor Takeshi Hosaka. He wanted a home that would seamlessly combine the elements of nature and city life, turning this 38sqm/409sqft house into ...

  • e2 Transport

    0 seasons

    The most recent installment of the e² series – e² transport – examines sustainable transportation alternatives with potentially far-reaching effects. The series introduces a broad range of ideas to address the crises of automobile culture and fossil fuel dependence: from existing technologies, to...

  • Alfabeto Mangiarotti


    The documentary film delves into the multifaceted career of Angelo Mangiarotti, a prominent Italian designer, architect, and sculptor, who defied the conventional boundaries between these disciplines. As a pioneer in postwar Italy, the film explores his innovative approach, deep understanding of ...

  • Stella the Stargazer

    Approaching Stella from the outside, the unassuming, undeniably Australian tin shed exterior is the first thing of note. It’s a design that sits comfortably in its environment, inspired by the most recognizable form of Australian design. But stepping inside, Stella reveals itself as a more comple...

  • Churches of Iceland
    Movie + 1 extra

    Churches of Iceland

    Movie + 1 extra

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Iceland's churches. These captivating examples of craftsmanship have been instrumental in shaping the country's architectural landscape since the arrival of Christianity in 1000 CE.

    Join us on a journey to discover the enchanting world of Iceland's ...

  • e2 Energy
    0 seasons

    e2 Energy

    0 seasons

    What if our climate, energy and economic problems are in fact defining opportunities; to reinvent and redesign on a global scale?

    Narrated by Morgan Freeman, e² Energy investigates innovations in alternative energy technologies that provide options for a more sustainable energy future. Through t...

  • Richard Henriquez - Building Stories


    Richard Henriquez: Building Stories delves into the life and work of the remarkable and enigmatic narrative architect Richard Henriquez.
    Based in Vancouver, Henriquez has spent over six decades impacting the landscape with small and large-scale buildings—each designed with the intention of enrich...

  • Land Artists


    Denton Corker Marshall is one of the world’s most influential and iconic architecture firms. They have produced distinct, innovative and memorable architecture and urban design both in Australia and internationally. Works such as the Stonehenge Visitors Centre, Manchester Civil Justice Centre, Me...

  • Grand Spaces Thailand: Season 1

    1 season

    Discover some of the greatest minds of modern luxury design, as they reveal the secrets behind their exquisite creations; from resorts in Chiang Mai to retreats on far-flung tropical islands. Uncover how ingenious architecture respects local tradition as well as Thailand’s st...

  • Gaudi's Message


    The great architect Antoini Gaudi left the Sagrada Familia unfinished after his death over 90 years ago. Without any sketches and blueprints to follow, this stunning film reveals how an international team of architects cracked the code behind one of the cornerstones of Gaudi's visionary cathedral...

  • Concrete Landscape


    "Concrete Landscape" explores the emotional connection between celebrated architect Álvaro Siza and Brazil, as he discusses the design of the Iberê Camargo Foundation Museum in Porto Alegre while showcasing his other famous works, and the exhibition "Fio de Ariadne" that reflects on the future of...