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Architecture on the Edge: Season 1

Architecture on the Edge: Season 1

6 Episodes

The works of Chilean architecture are sharply man-made, rough, cosmic and oceanic. These breathtaking designs are built on salt blankets in the desert, on the edge of oceans, cradled amongst mountains, grasping to an earthquake prone land.

Architecture on the Edge: Season 1
  • Nishizawa House

    Episode 1

    Project: Nishizawa House
    Location: Los Vilos, Chile
    Architects: Office of Ryue Nishizawa

  • Klotz House

    Episode 2

    Project: Klotz House
    Location: Tongoy, Chile
    Area: 99m2
    Architect: Mathias Klotz

  • Desert Interpretation Center

    Episode 3

    Project: Desert Interpretation Centre
    Location: Calama, Chile
    Architects: Emilio Marin & Juan Carlos Lopez

  • Rio Plata Shelter

    Episode 4

    Project: Rio Plata Shelter
    Location: Pucon, Chile
    Area: 150 m2
    Architects: Francisco Cruz & Elton Leniz Arquitectos

  • Shangri-la Cabin

    Episode 5

    Project: Shangri-la Cabin
    Location: Coihueco, Chile
    Area: 45m2
    Architects: Magdalena Besomi & DRAA

  • Modern Art Museum

    Episode 6

    Project: MAM - Modern Art Museum
    Location: ChiloƩ Island
    Area: 678.60 m2
    Architects: Edward Rojas & Eduardo Feuerhake