Design Touch: Season 2

Design Touch: Season 2

15 Episodes

Designers, architects, and fashion designers show you around their lofts, castles, and country houses. See dream places, guest houses, and boutique hotels.

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Design Touch: Season 2
  • Episode 1.

    Episode 1

    A tour of a Palazzo in Venice. Reviewed and restored with simplicity.

    In Uruguay, we inspect Garzon, Francis Mallman's delightful guesthouse.

  • Episode 2.

    Episode 2

    Amanda Eliasch is an eccentric English photographer who owns a Parisian pied-à-terre designed by Mallet- Stevens.

    David Gaillard sets up a mother-to-be in her new home, and turns a cupboard into a pretty child's bedroom.

  • Episode 3.

    Episode 3

    Salvaged materials, vintage and travel are the three ingredients used by Emily Chalmers to fit out her loft.

  • Episode 4.

    Episode 4

    This palace in Venice is the home of a modern family, namely Nori Vaccari Starck and her two daughters. A young architect took on the challenge to
    make a tiny apartment into a home for her small family.

  • Episode 5.

    Episode 5

    Designer Graciela Churba's Uruguayan home is as beautiful as the land-scape it overlooks. It's an exotic journey.

  • Episode 6.

    Episode 6

    This ultimate Parisian spot lies between the Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne. Twelve of the greatest French designers and architects
    reunite for its decor.

  • Episode 7.

    Episode 7

    The address is discrete, and so are the two owners. Two chefs, one a pastry chef, befriended while working in the same kitchen who decided to open their own establishment. Not much seating room, not much kitchen room, but a lot of care.

  • Episode 8.

    Episode 8

    Newly born architecture firm, Colboc Franzen & Associates excels in constructing public buildings, offices, and private houses. Especially if they're very private. In the Parisian suburbs, the R house makes its mark. And it surely does not resemble the neighbouring houses, especially with its

  • Episode 9.

    Episode 9

    It's not easy to find a nice big place in Paris when one doesn't have a nice big budget. One needs to be imaginative, even visionary. This is the case for Marie and Julien. Come and explore their attic house.

  • Episode 10.

    Episode 10

    The Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a temple for arty design, has opened up a spot in Paris. Before taking us into their place, Julien Lombrail, one of the founders, invites us to discover his design works and his art objects.

  • Episode 11.

    Episode 11

    An exhibit at the Museum of Decorative Arts brings us to discover the work of German designer Maarten Baas who studied at the Eindhoven school and whose dreams have become reality.

  • Episode 12.

    Episode 12

    A Parisian institution reborn is always worth the detour. The old Thoumieux diner has become the place to be thanks to chef Jean-François Piège. It's the number one reason to go. His style can be recognized at first glance. Against the disorderly backdrop, he was a prolific, funky, unique, angry,...

  • Episode 13.

    Episode 13

    In Montreal, as in Paris, the patisserie is making quite the comeback. Here are three women who went into business on their own, each with her own style, all standing up to the challenges of a difficult trade that they defend with passion.

  • Episode 14

    Episode 14

    For 5 years, Emmanuel Renoird has been restoring The House: a French take on futuristic mid-century American architecture.

    Hidden in the middle of a forest in the Perche region of France, The House was built between 1973 and 1976 and features in episode 14 of Design Touch, Season 2.

  • Episode 15.

    Episode 15

    Mark Best belongs to the handful of chefs who have put Australia on the gastronomic map. Since 1999, his restaurant has been a well-known, popular address. In his minuscule kitchen, Mark Best endlessly invents a personal cuisine that's Australian, composed of a medley of elements, just like his ...