Dream Build: Season 2

Dream Build: Season 2

16 Episodes

Dream Build is an interstitial series that explores the personal stories of Australians who have pushed the design brief to the limit and beyond, in pursuit of building the home of their dreams.

Dream Build: Season 2
  • Rolling Cubes

    Episode 1

    Shane Hendriks, a builder and designer, took an idea from his son's building blocks and built a house of five cubes. Arranged in an ark to maximise the northerly aspect of the sun, it has a sense of rolling, tumbling movement.

  • Inner House

    Episode 2

    What do you do with a heritage listed church, where the heritage requirements dictate that nothing of the new structure can touch the walls of the heritage listed building? You build an inner house.

  • Marimekko

    Episode 3

    Marimekko House is a home for a family of five busy adults. While quite modest in size the house features bold design incorporating landscaping, courtyards and a rooftop garden to create multiple light-filled living spaces.

  • Flipped House

    Episode 4

    A house which draws on the joy of 60's designs and the mid 20th century modernism style's love of natural products.

  • Cocoon House

    Episode 5

    Cocoon House is a marriage of art and architecture. Its creators describe it as a "sculpture in the round" that can be appreciated from all angles.

  • Jilliby House

    Episode 6

    Americans Mickey and Lanie Clark have built a remarkable bushland home after a two year work trip turned into a 20 year love affair with the Australian landscape.

  • Angophora Home

    Episode 7

    Richard Cole is an architect with over twenty years experience and he seems to specialize in building magnificent homes in impossible locations!

  • Wheatsheaf House

    Episode 8

    Architect Jesse Judd designed this beautiful and engaging holiday lodge for his own family.

  • Stringybark

    Episode 9

    Owners and husband/wife team Justin Lindsell and Helen McBeth wanted to fulfil a lifelong dream of owning a glass pavilion pole home in the picturesque town of Crafers in the Adelaide Hills.

  • Runaway Bay

    Episode 10

    The Stone Age collides with the Space Age in this Dream Build home at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. The house combines two contrasting styles representing the differing personalities of its husband and wife owners.

  • Model House

    Episode 11

    Architect, Jeremy Mcleod, says the house really is like a stage, the facade of the house is the set which faces the audience while 'backstage' in the house itself all of the living and working gets done

  • Link House

    Episode 12

    Built on the site of the owner's childhood home 'Link House' is house designed to last.

  • House House

    Episode 13

    With its unique and imaginary design this inner city house points the way to a new kind of approach to 21st century urban Australian home design.

  • Bisley House (The Black Box)

    Episode 14

    The owner of The Black Box is a self confessed "boy from the 'burbs" who wanted to make his architectural mark... in the suburbs.

  • Wolf House

    Episode 15

    The Wolf House is designed by an architect who loves his family, his Star Wars collection and his classic cars, and it certainly shows in the design of his new dream home.

  • Graffiti House

    Episode 16

    Fitzroy is known for its extraordinary street art, prestigious architect John Wardle is not. But he embraced the chance to include graffiti in this innercity Melbourne home.