It Starts with a Sketch

It Starts with a Sketch

9 Episodes

A selection of conversations with British architects exploring the use of sketching and drawing as an integral part of their design process. Discover the techniques, styles and personal anecdotes that shape their designs and watch how rough sketches develop into refined drawings and materialise into shape and form.

It Starts with a Sketch
  • David Connor

    Episode 1

    David Connor is a British interior and architectural designer who became known in the early 1980s for his unique and unconventional designs. He has influenced young designers with his unique way of visualizing ideas through his drawings.

    David has worked with notable clients such as Vivienne Wes...

  • James Wade

    Episode 2

    Filmed in his home in Shropshire, England, James Wade revisits old sketchbooks from his schooldays as he was developing his incredibly detailed and precise drawing style.

    Despite the proliferation of computer renders, James Wade still hand-drafts all his work in order to maintain that special c...

  • Kim Wilkie

    Episode 3

    Unlike many architects, the work of a landscape architect can take many decades to realise, as trees grow and the landscape matures. Therefore, for landscape architect Kim Wilkie, the sketch is not only a window into the future but also an opportunity for the designer to capture the essence of a

  • Catherine Hennessy

    Episode 4

    One of Britain’s most avid drawers, Catherine Hennessy can never resist scribbling down an idea or a sight she sees from the bus. As a result, her workshop is a treasure trove of diaries, books, sketchbooks and scraps that are the product of a life spent drawing.

    A riot of vibrant colours and q...

  • Robert Barnes

    Episode 5

    For Robert Barnes the sketch is a tool for communication - be it with a student, a client or even a group of Indian kids.

    In this episode, discover how sketching can be a way into different cultures and styles and the surprising benefit of the ability to draw upside down.

  • John Puttick

    Episode 6

    In this episode John Puttick, in his studio in London, talks about his introduction to drawing as a child, how it forms an integral part of his design process and how, despite the prevalence of computer drawing, there is still an important role to be played by the simple hand-drawn sketch.

  • John Pardey

    Episode 7

    When he was a young boy, John Pardey came across a copy of Winnie the Pooh, illustrated by Ernest Shepherd and instantly fell in love with the drawing style. Now, from his studio in South England, John Puttick
    describes his approach to architecture, the design process and the difference between m...

  • Adriana Bravo

    Episode 8

    For Adriana Bravo, the sketch starts with the pen - and her pencil case has no shortage of favourite pens. Hailing from Milan in Spain, Adriana Bravo’s sketches are a bold and vibrant symphony of colour.

    Upon moving to England, she found that, sketching went from a personal method of capturing ...

  • Mina Gospavic

    Episode 9

    For Mina Gospavic, the sketch starts with the sketchbook, so as a result this episode is filmed in the stunning Wyvern Book Bindery in East London. Gospavic describes her approach to nature-based design, drawing as a means of collecting ideas, her love of travel and her latest illustration, a sur...