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Watch this video and more on Shelter

Watch this video and more on Shelter

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  • Robert Barnes

    For Robert Barnes the sketch is a tool for communication - be it with a student, a client or even a group of Indian kids.

    In this episode, discover how sketching can be a way into different cultures and styles and the surprising benefit of the ability to draw upside down.

  • John Puttick

    In this episode John Puttick, in his studio in London, talks about his introduction to drawing as a child, how it forms an integral part of his design process and how, despite the prevalence of computer drawing, there is still an important role to be played by the simple hand-drawn sketch.

  • John Pardey

    When he was a young boy, John Pardey came across a copy of Winnie the Pooh, illustrated by Ernest Shepherd and instantly fell in love with the drawing style. Now, from his studio in South England, John Puttick
    describes his approach to architecture, the design process and the difference between m...