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  • House for Cosimo Piovasco

    In the enchanting neighbourhood of Madrid’s Rastro, architect Mariana de Delás’s apartment symbolises creativity and innovation.

    The neighbourhood feels timeless — groups of relaxed neighbours gather on the streets and this strong community spirit has a special place in de Delás’s heart.

  • Slow Down Apartment

    There are common themes in a Brad Swartz-reinvented small dwelling: a restrained palette, clever storage solutions, and a creative touch when utilising space — and the tranquil Slow Down Apartment is no exception.

    The clients had briefly moved from Sydney to Brisbane during the COVID-19 pandemi...

  • James Turrell: Automotive Design Network


    This film presents the intervention of the artist James Turrell on the building created by the architect Jacques Ripault for the PSA Peugeot Citroën Design Center in Vélizy (France).

  • Apartmento Ladrilho

    A bare “skeleton apartment” left unfinished for over 10 years might not sound like a desirable first apartment on paper, but for architect Franco Luiz Faust, there was nothing but potential.

    His vision for the 55sqm/592sqft space was a peaceful respite that would serve as a comfortable backdrop...

  • Casa Triana

    To create the illusion of several independent spaces in the open 58sqm/624sqft floor plan, the architects used monochrome colours to demarcate each key living area, inspired by the traditional colours of the surrounding building façades.

    Each distinct area has been decorated with low-cost alumin...

  • It's Dutch Design


    How did the Netherlands succeed in gaining a world famous reputation in the field of design?

    A documentary about the worldwide success of Dutch Design. Top designers and international key players reveal their personal vision and explain why a small country could become so big in the field of des...

  • Jules

    When living in a city with some of the most iconic architectural monuments in the world, inspiration is not hard won. Approached with a decrepit, dark apartment dating back to the 1890s, architect Flore Gustin of Amate Architecture immediately knew her muse: Le Corbusier’s Villa La Roche. Coincid...

  • Alba Home 2

    Making the most of space in a small footprint home is already a challenge in itself—to comfortably fit a family of five into a 28sqm/301sqft apartment is, undoubtedly, an even bigger one. Fortunately, designer Josef Karol Egwaras of Studio Josef Karol was afforded a few advantages before embarkin...

  • Incredible Homes

    1 season

    Ireland's best-known architect Dermot Bannon showcases some of the world's most amazing homes. From sunny Sydney to London city, from stylish Melbourne to the snowy landscape of northern Sweden.

  • DB Apartment

    One remarkable design choice in the 56sqm/603sqft apartment is the removal of the existing terrace doors, extending the area into a bright indoor-outdoor space. With glass sliding panels surrounding the balcony rails allowing for a bird’s eye view of the lively streets down below, a sense of outd...

  • Dan Graham: Observatory


    On the sun-baked roof terrace extending out of the MaMo gallery, built on top of Le Corbusier’s La Cité Radieuse masterpiece, is Dan Graham’s Observatory / Playground.

    A true melting pot where disciplines merge, the exhibit weaves a close connection to the architecture of Le Corbusier - that bot...

  • Project Jordaan

    When Marijn Kruikemeier and his partner, Liya, discovered this narrow shell apartment devoid of the constraints of a pre-existing floor plan, they immediately knew it was their chance to "live big in a small space". Inspired by their travels through Asia, they were emboldened to resist compromise...

  • Stanmore Apartment

    In the 42sqm/452sqft apartment’s design, simple materials and colours are deliberately repeated throughout, evoking a sense of cohesiveness. A mixture of curves and pastel colours complements minimalist white surfaces, creating soft transitions between spaces and a relaxing, tranquil space.

  • Renovation D'un Apartement

    An abundance of natural light in a home has many benefits, from making a space feel larger to enhancing well-being. As a result, cultivating natural light is often a key focus for the architects and designers of small-footprint homes. In fact, it became the guiding principle architect Taïna Picho...

  • The Promise


    Balkrishna Doshi (1927-2023) is one of India's most influential 20th century architects and recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Doshi and his practice Vastu-Shilpa has a portfolio spanning over 70 years, including collaborations with both Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn.

    The film introduc...

  • Observatory of Light


    View the stunning reveal of artist Daniel Buren’s Observatory of Light, an ever-evolving light and colour display, spread across the glass exterior of the Frank Gehry-designed Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.

  • The Power of Utopia


    What would a utopian city of the 20th century look like, if designed by one of the most iconic & revered architects of the era? And would it all work?

    Discover the incredible planned city of Chandigarh in India; the largest and most ambitious project of the renowned Swiss and French architect Le...

  • Fernanda Canales

    Explore the stunning red brick Terreno House, located on the foot of a mountain three hours from Mexico City. Designed by Canales for her family, the house embraces and incorporates the excess and damaged building materials into the design, and creates shelter from the radical weather while allow...

  • Rozana Montiel & Claudia Rodriguez

    Climb the spiral staircase into the elevated Nidos House, woven with a beautiful and seamless harmony into the ecological reserve El Peñón. Subtly resting above the earth on a series of load-bearing walls, the house imitates a classic bird’s nest, suspended in the treetops, while causing as littl...

  • Tatiana Bilbao

    Wander through the tranquil Ajijic House, nestled between Chapala Lake and its surrounding mountains in Jalisco; designed and built with the very earth it sits upon, to avoid major design compromises with the project’s tiny budget.
    Next, see the same successful and efficient earth-based building...

  • Here are the Arquitectas

    1 season

    In a New York Times article, writer Allison Arieff raises the question that the architectural community keeps asking: "Where are all the female architects?”

    A documentary series featuring the new wave of female architects working internationally from Mexico.

  • No Building as Usual


    'No Building As Usual' addresses the urgent climate challenge in architecture by documenting the construction of Nest House—a sustainable home for two elderly individuals in the British countryside. The film showcases a collaborative effort involving 12 young individuals from underrepresented bac...

  • Paradigma Olivetti


    The documentary explores Olivetti's industrial design from Adriano's death to the 90s through the challenges of an era marked by rapid innovations: the transition from mechanical technology to electronics, up to IT and telecommunication era.

  • Zaha



    Zaha Hadid was a visionary. When she passed away in 2016 she left behind a body of work that is amongst the most recognisable and influential in the world. Here, her friend and fellow architect Eva Jiřičná reflects on her life and legacy.