Wooden Soul

Wooden Soul

8 Episodes

Eight brazilian designers who transformed their passion for wood into a craft. They are: Claudia Moreira Salles, Fernanda Barretto, Fernando Mendes, Hugo França, Julia Krantz, Morito Ebine, Paulo Alves and Ricardo Graham. Between planes, chisels, templates and lots of sawdust, in each episode we will follow the process of creating a chair, get to know the studio, the references, the designer's lifestyle and understand why each person, in their own way, has wood in their heart and soul.

Wooden Soul
  • Paulo Alves

    Episode 1

    It is in the hustle and bustle of the streets in the center of São Paulo that designer Paulo Alves feels at ease, there are his store and his home. However, his design pieces with cheerful shapes, like the Atibaia chair, carry the DNA of a boy who climbed trees and sucked mangoes in the countrysi...

  • Morito Ebine

    Episode 2

    Morito Ebine is the master of almost all the wood designers in the series. A Japanese resident in Brazil for more than two decades, Ebine presents his refuge in the countryside of São Paulo where his carpentry shop and classroom desired by amateur carpenters looking for training and veterans look...

  • Fernando Mendes

    Episode 3

    Designer Fernando Mendes' creations names are usually inspired by he people who marked his career. While the spectator follows the manufacture of the Pedro chair, a tribute to his son, the São Paulo native living in Rio de Janeiro, he talks about his passion for aviation, especially Santos Dumont...

  • Fernanda Barretto

    Episode 4

    The young designer found in the craft of carpentry the way to unite body and mind. From her shared studio in São Paulo, she gets her hands dirty to make the Fiá chair and takes the viewer on a tour of her multiple references that include green spaces in the city, sports and family objects.

  • Ricardo Graham

    Episode 5

    Designer Ricardo Graham calls himself an ebanist - he designs and produces furniture with his own hands. He swapped the beach of Rio de Janeiro for the green mountains of the state's mountainous region. There he lives with his family, his dogs and works in the workshop where he produces the Três ...

  • Julia Krantz

    Episode 6

    Julia Krantz, from São Paulo with German roots, graduated in architecture and embarked on carpentry while still in college. The serene behavior of the designer, a regular yoga practitioner, contrasts with her robust and imposing wooden pieces, made in layers of overlapping wood, such as the Sax a...

  • Claudia Moreira Salles

    Episode 7

    Claudia Moreira Salles is a reference in the world of design thanks to the elegance of her pieces with delicate lines, which mix wood with concrete, metals, and other materials. The designer opens the doors of her studio and carpentry shop to present her private universe, the production of an exh...

  • Hugo França

    Episode 8

    Hugo França gave a new meaning to the chainsaw, transforming fallen trees into pieces of art and unique urban furniture. The artist born in Porto Alegre shows his routine in Trancoso, Bahia, where he settled in the 1980s and where he produces pieces that weigh tons. They can be seen in Ibirapuera...