Intérieurs: Season 9

Intérieurs: Season 9

25 Episodes

A look at European interior design through amazing decors, charming guest houses, surprising discoveries and alluring home makeovers, Interieurs is a series for trend addicts and beautiful houses lovers.

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Intérieurs: Season 9
  • Episode 1.

    Episode 1

    If it was a shop, we would buy everything from Sacha Walkchoff.
    If we had to move, we'd live in the most beautiful house in Paris, this one.

  • Episode 2.

    Episode 2

    Michel Klein is expecting us in his home. For a neo grunge but classy style, we go and visit Cigüe, the new killer architects. A small patio garden decorated in pink.

  • Episode 3.

    Episode 3

    The R house is making quite an impression. 70's design is back: here are some instructions on how to use this style.

  • Episode 4.

    Episode 4

    This make-over really has some oomph. Everything needed to be done in this bachelor flat. Rock style plants, it's the electrifying garden of Mauvaises Graines.

  • Episode 5.

    Episode 5

    How does one recreate and find the objects to decorate like Pristyle? Inès will tell us all about it. The Maison Margiela is revamping the rooms of La Maison Champs Elysées.

  • Episode 6.

    Episode 6

    Discover how to update the look of a classic apartment. Julien is lending a hand at getting things right in Thibaut's home. Linen in the garden, it's not just flowers - why not making pots with it.

  • Episode 7.

    Episode 7

    What is the tip to make flowers even more beautiful? The essential question is: Do we have to buy plants? Loulou de la Falaise passed away but she has left us her style as a legacy.

  • Episode 8.

    Episode 8

    How to decorate classic yet original? Some fresh vegetables of the season, that's what we've going to find today in exterior. And a Hotel du Ministère.

  • Episode 9.

    Episode 9

    The great must-have is tomatoes on the balcony, or strawberries if you prefer. Moreover, in Tuscany, there is Casa Orlandi, as beautiful as Palazzo Pitt but with a bed.

  • Episode 10.

    Episode 10

    We've bought some plates and pretty stuff at the St Ouen flea market. Dany has wrapped a little bunch of roses for us. And finally, we've spent a few minutes in a Palaca at the superstar of hotels.

  • Episode 11.

    Episode 11

    A program with a bit of an Italian theme with the visit of a very democratic house in Florence. A hype program with two concept stores.

  • Episode 12.

    Episode 12

    Marylin transforms her small flat with the help of Julien Toujan. An office designed by Matthieu Lehanneur, his is an astonishing place. Finally, a super luxury chalet at the bottom of the snowy slopes of Megeve.

  • Episode 13.

    Episode 13

    A makeover is a battle. Jessica and Guillaume give us their best efforts for a mundane room.

  • Episode 14.

    Episode 14

    We venture into the snow creating a cozy chalet. New trends for the bathroom that are absolutely mind-boggling. Discover a secret garden in Nîmes that lies between a family house and a luxury hotel.

  • Episode 15.

    Episode 15

    A wonderful apartment near Tuileries: the décor is accessible and suitable to a low budget - it's chic and less expensive. Visit their finest locations while following the decor trends with our guests.

  • Episode 16.

    Episode 16

    We discover the home of creator Myriam Balay Devidal. We take a breather in Stockholm, at Skeppsholmen, a name hard to pronounce but a hotel to see.

  • Episode 17.

    Episode 17

    Scandinavian design rejoices and amuses. Storage, storage, and more storage. Discover a loft where two renovations have taken place.

  • Episode 18.

    Episode 18

    1,800 square meters of luxury and elegance under the Florida sun. Can hand-made wallpaper be used like a painting? 3D wallpaper is beautiful and can have the effect of jewelry.

  • Episode 19.

    Episode 19

    What's handmade, historic, and colorful and varies in patterns to infinity? It's right under your feet: the cement tiles. Bright, practical, and in the attic, it's a clever makeover at low cost.

  • Episode 20.

    Episode 20

    How to remake the kitchen with a tight budget and guidelines for low cost but not for low profile? We'll discover tips on how to in this week's episode.

  • Episode 21.

    Episode 21

    We are all about the luxury master: what does Karl Lagerfeld love? Nothing but his favorites! And the rest is out. Here's also Virginia Viard's hippie chic home.

  • Episode 22.

    Episode 22

    Red, green, anthracite, colorful and shocking transformations. A hotel like a village in a beautiful, both classy and discreet, garden, is the Beldi Country Club near Marrakech.

  • Episode 23.

    Episode 23

    Discover Japanese design at its best. And we head off in a jiffy to Holland where there's a hotel in a water tower, somewhat disconcerting but quite amusing.

  • Episode 24.

    Episode 24

    The right Design can resist time and children while hanging everything with a minimal budget. Finally, in Tuscany we get to discover life in a castle at the Beaulieu villa.