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Planet Home: Season 2

Planet Home: Season 2

20 Episodes

Planet Home season 2 brings you more of the world's most ecological and sustainable habitats and homes.

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Planet Home: Season 2
  • The Grow Community - Seattle

    Episode 1

    OBainbridge Island, a 30-minute ferry ride away from Seattle, we set out to discover one of the greenest eco-neighbourhood in the US.

    The Grow Community hopes to instil a new vision of habitat that aims to be as modern as ecological. The first houses have been built on a 3-hectares of long aband...

  • Culver City - Los Angeles

    A cosmopolitan town which is still incredibly attractive.
    It is equally known throughout the world for its cinema studios, its Hollywood stars and its endless white sandy beaches.

    Far from the constant stirring that has made LA's reputation, David, Mayuko and their 3 children live in the residen...

  • A Green Family House - Austin

    Texas' capital city is Austin where the city aims to be being carbon neutral.

    Christopher Brown wanted to give this neighbourhood, a traditionally poor and neglected one, a new image and thus decided to build a fresh take on a family house on an old industrial field.

  • The Eden Project - England

    In one of the last clay quarries in operation until the mid 90s, Tim Smit set his heart on to build an amazing project. Somewhere between futurism and exoticism, it took him over 6 years of work to create the Eden Project, a unique botanical garden.

  • The Isle of Eigg - Scotland

    A few years ago, the locals decided to buy the island off a private landlord who wasn't very committed to it, and who didn't care much for their issues. With the help of the region and a group loan, they managed to take charge of their land again. This independence allowed them to take an ambitio...

  • An Extraordinary Family Home - Romania

    Welcome to Buzau, Romania. In this small village lost between forests and volcanoes, we set out to discover one of the only sustainable houses in the area.
    Hélène, her husband and their three children are French but have been living in Romania for 10 years. The desire to leave Bucharest's madnes...

  • Chole Mjini Lodge - Tanzania

    Chole island is about 25 km away from the city of Dar es Salaam and is only accessible by boat; the island has no roads, no cars, no drinking water and no electricity. Anne and Jean de Villiers moved to the island over 20 years ago with the idea of building an unconventional hotel.

  • The Yurt House - Corrèze

    We went to Corrèze, just outside Tulle, to discover Christiane and Jean-François' yurt-house.

    A bioclimatic house with an energy-plus label, it has perfectly adapted to its surroundings. The couple and their discuss architect their circular Yurt project.

  • Eco Friendly House - Tijuana

    Going against traditional construction modes to build a family house that is economical, functional but most importantly sustainable is a dream for most, but not for all; some have managed to make the dream a reality.

    In Tijuana, Mexico, Javier and Marta chose to build their eco-friendly house b...

  • The Areias do Seixo Hotel - Portugal

    Reinventing the hospitality industry to make it more sustainable and to offer guests an unforgettable experience.

    An hour's drive away north of Lisbon, it is on the Atlantic coast, in a small seaside town called Santa Cruz, that the Areias do Seixo hotel, a green eldorado hidden between dunes a...

  • Les Cabanes du Bois Basalte - Auvergne

    Forgotten and neglected pieces of our Heritage are scattered all over France.
    In a small village called Manzat in Auvergne a green and creative hospitality project comes to life.

    The young architects, who are childhood friends all born in the village, had an ambitious plan; they wanted to reha...

  • The Ecological Barn - Isère

    A family who rises to the challenge of self-construction.

    Thierry and Séverine Thouvenot chose that land, high up between forests and mountains, to ecologically renovate an old barn.

  • The Vivood Hotel - Spain

    On the Costa Blanca, 2 hours' drive away from Valencia, the Vivood hotel, located at the heart of the Guadalest valley and its protected historical Heritage, stands out with a design that is both unique and respectful of the environment.

  • Feynan Ecolodge - Jordan

    Amongst eco-friendly stays, sleeping in a secluded place in the middle of the desert, disconnected from everything, is an appealing offer for those looking for alternative adventures. Feynan, is a unique ecolodge, where respect of the environment and support to locals firmly go hand in hand.

  • Natura Dôme - Tarbes

    In the heart of the Pyrenees, Benoît Darré, a building contractor, developed a unique building process, a trade he learnt using traditional building methods.

  • Wolwedans - Namibia

    Climate change and poaching have induced new tourism modes where local population and conservation go hand in hand with hospitality projects.
    Right in the middle of these 90 000 hectares of red sand, Stephan Bruckner and his team built Wolwedans: lodges that are equally ecological and comfortable...

  • All Green – Thouars

    In the local council community of Thouars, which counts 33 villages in the region, locals have decided to bring their ideals to life by offering a new model where mutual assistance, economy and agriculture go hand in hand.

  • Héliodome - Alsace and Switzerland

    In Alsace, lost amongst the wineyards, it is in the small rural village of Cosswiller that a rather unconventional house can be seen.
    Called Héliodome, this unusual green passive house is somewhere between a spinning top and a giant sundial and runs on solar energy.
    It is a true technological ac...

  • Soneva Kiri - Thailand

    The beautiful island of Koh Kood in Thailand to discover a hotel that is a pioneer of sustainable development. Its founders, Sonu Shivdasani and his wife Eva, are convinced that high-end tourism and the environment can go together, and have been working around sustainable luxury tourism for over ...

  • Crach'House - Brittany

    A few kilometres away from the gulf of Morbihan, in a region that is very conservative, and therefore very demanding in terms of architecture, the clients had to fight for their project to be approved; here there is no slate roof or stone wall, but simple and raw materials such as wood and metall...