Tiny Spaces: Iceland

Tiny Spaces: Iceland

6 Episodes

Escape the chaos of daily life with Tiny Spaces: Iceland - a series where less is more and a connection to nature is vital.

Visit a breathtaking Glass Cottage under the Northern Lights, a Prefab Cabin nestled between a volcano and the ocean; a Water Tower painstakingly converted into a micro home, a Converted Barn given a new life by a local artist, and a special episode on the remarkable Turf Houses of Iceland.

How do these innovative spaces merge modern comforts with a minimalist ethos in extreme North Atlantic conditions?

Tiny Spaces: Iceland is an exclusive five-episode dive into small space living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

"An original commission from the Australian-based architecture streaming platform, these 12-minute micro-episodes are each as contained, precise and evocative as the small but unique Icelandic homes they profile.

Whether it’s a 24-square-metre glass cottage situated on an otherworldly plain beneath the Northern Lights or a converted water tower, these residences mix contemporary design and low footprint philosophies with science-fiction vistas and future-facing owners.

Director Damien Lipp establishes the basics both narratively and visually, but across an hour of viewing you can’t help but have your own imagination stoked."

- Craig Mathieson, Sydney Morning Herald

Tiny Spaces: Iceland
  • Glass Cottage

    Episode 1

    In the heart of an Icelandic lava desert lies a 24 square metre cottage made of glass. Here, travelers from all over the globe sleep under the spectacular Northern Lights in secluded comfort. Built for the adventurous at heart and those yearning for an escape from the city, owner Ari spent 18 mon...

  • Prefab Cabin

    Episode 2

    Choosing to avoid the site construction process entirely, this factory-built home arrived fully finished and fulfils a long-held dream for its owners: to live a simple life with very little to clean and very little to worry about. Nestled peacefully between a 4 million-year-old volcano and the oc...

  • Water Tower

    Episode 3

    A young couple with a passion for minimalism take on a huge challenge when they decide to convert a disused water tower into a modern home for their growing family. With exceptional views from the top floor, the Water Tower is surrounded by lava fields, mountains and a stunning coastline.

  • Converted Barn

    Episode 4

    After many years of searching for a sanctuary that could function as both a workspace and family home, artist Gudrun Kristjansdottir discovered a derelict barn (built in 1937) on the stunning West Coast of Iceland. Told by many that she should tear the existing structure down, Gudrun enlisted the...

  • Turf Houses

    Episode 5

    When the Norwegian Vikings settled in Iceland, they brought with them a tradition of building out of the earth, using natural materials such as wood, uncut stone, and soil. Known as Turf Houses, these structures became the remarkable vernacular architecture of Iceland. Today, contemporary archite...

  • In Conversation with Stephanie Mauro-Lipp & Damien Lipp

    Rory Fraser (Follies) hosts a Shelter Extras conversation with filmmakers Damien Lipp & Stephanie Mauro-Lipp about their projects Tiny Spaces and Churches of Iceland.