• Urbex in Beirut


    In Beirut, passionate conservationists from different backgrounds are squaring up to inaction from the government and over zealous developers to protect important cultural sites and their immeasurable historical wealth.

    Among the people trying to preserve Beirut’s buildings and historical spaces...

  • Beyond Metabolism


    The International Congress Centre in Kyoto became famous through the World Climate Conference in 1997 and the "Kyoto Protocol" that was adopted within its framework. For the first time, the signatory states committed themselves to reduce their emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in order ...

  • The Dreams of Others


    A reflection on the essential and universal questions of architecture through the most relevant Spanish works of the last 60 years. The documentary is a critical reflection on the role of architecture in our society, on the evolution of the architect's figure and a look at what architecture is an...

  • Rob Brown

    8 items

    "An eclectic collection of inspirational titles beautifully shot of not only architects and their buildings but allowing the viewer to get inside the mind of the designers."

    About Rob Brown:
    Founding director of Casey Brown Architecture. He has a Masters of Advanced Architectural Design from Col...

  • Openings


    Openings explores the world of the architectural elements that “embody” the concept of threshold, of openness, and of the relationship between inside and outside, through the voices of Italian and international architects, but also by listening to the voices who speak the language of music, sport...

  • In Conversation with Rory Fraser & Andrew Spicer

    Director and Producer of Follies, Andrew Spicer, and Writer and Presenter of Follies, Rory Fraser, answer all your questions about the series in a question and answer session, streaming exclusively on Shelter.

  • Art of Faith: Season 2

    1 season

    ART OF FAITH II explores the architecture and art of Buddhism, Hinduism and Religions of the Tao presented and narrated by the broadcaster John McCarthy. We travel the Eastern world, visiting the greatest and most significant religious buildings, and exploring how the passions and complexities of...

  • Follies
    1 season


    1 season

    In this series, architectural historian and author Rory Fraser takes us on a journey to four of England’s best follies to discover what makes them some of the country’s most interesting architecture.

    From Gunpowder Plotters to nuclear bunkers and Lord of the Rings, Follies not only provides a u...

  • Brasilia: Life After Design


    Located 2000 kilometres from the Amazon and 18 hours from Rio, the city of Brasília - the capital of Brazil - is a mythical place: a concrete utopia born out of the desert. In 1956 at the rebirth of Brazilian democracy, visionary architect Oscar Niemeyer and urbanist Lúcio Costa invented an urba...

  • The Art of Architecture: Season 2

    1 season

    In its second season The Art of Architecture meets more of the world’s leading architects. We look back at the amazing career of the late Zaha Hadid (and find out what her practice is doing now), see the new mosque in Cambridge designed by Julia Barfield, whose practice built the London eye, visi...

  • Design Story: Byron Bay

    1 season

    Design Story: Byron Bay explores why design in this part of Australia has become coveted the world over and includes well-known interior designers such as Louella Boitel-Gill and legendary locations such as Lune de Sang, The Range, Las Palmas, The Eltham Hotel, and Soma.

  • Tiny Spaces

    1 season

    We're currently filming Tiny Spaces: Iceland! In the meantime you can enjoy all eps of the first season now...

    Tiny Spaces delves into the stories behind small architectural dwellings in the native bushland of Victoria, Australia.

    "These miniature marvels of Australian architecture and i...

  • Where Architects Live


    8 architects, 8 houses, 8 stories, 8 paradigms of contemporary living. The diary of an exploration into the houses and private spaces of 8 protagonists of world architecture: Shigeru Ban, Mario Bellini, David Chipperfield, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Zaha Hadid, Marcio Kogan, Daniel Libeskin...