Skilled Artisans

  • An American Craftsman - Wharton Esherick

    The film explores the life and work of Wharton Esherick (1887-1970) a painter and furniture maker who came of age during the Industrial Revolution. At a time when America was enamoured with consumerism and mass industry, Wharton moved to a rural farm outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began m...

  • Byron St Studio

    This house shows what can be achieved in just 58 square meters. Designed for second-generation cabinet maker Martin Johnston and his young family, the house merges many of the clients stylistic preferences, including the classic Queenslander and the mid-century fibro fishing shack. With the clien...

  • It Starts with a Sketch

    1 season

    A selection of conversations with British architects exploring the use of sketching and drawing as an integral part of their design process. Discover the techniques, styles and personal anecdotes that shape their designs and watch how rough sketches develop into refined drawin...

  • Portrait of a Gallery


    In 2011, the National Gallery of Ireland, the country’s most visited cultural attraction, closed the doors on the historic Victorian buildings comprising two thirds of its floor space, to begin one of the largest refurbishment projects in the history of the state. The objective was to transform t...

  • Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form


    Genre and ground-breaking architect Paolo Soleri remains largely unknown outside of architectural circles, but his legacy as an artist, builder and urban theorist is staggering.

    Narrated by actor-activist Peter Coyote, this documentary takes a close look at Soleri’s origins and lifelong labour ...

  • Permanent Camping 2

    10 Years on architect Rob Brown creates a new iteration of the famous Permanent Camping building. Built with the original master maker and joiner Jeffery Broadfield once again. The building uses no fixings or glue in any of the framing and documents the relationship between, architect, builder an...

  • Unfinished Spaces


    Cuba's ambitious National Art Schools project, designed by three young artists in the wake of Castro's Revolution, is neglected, nearly forgotten, then ultimately rediscovered as a visionary architectural masterpiece.

  • Productive Spaces

    "Laguna was a bankrupt textile factory. I looked to the core of it, trying to understand the use of this place to see what it could become in the future." - Alberto Kritzler, developer

    When manufacturing went offshore, many of the bustling factories in Mexico City were abandoned. The value of lo...

  • Strange and Familiar

  • Permanent Camping

    Located on a remote pristine mountain on a sheep station outside Mudgee, NSW, Australia. Situated at the edge of a ridge surrounded by large granite boulders and ancient dead trees, the building has panoramic views for hundreds of miles to the horizon.

    Architect: Rob Brown

    2008 RAIA Co...

  • The Barn Raisers

    What do barn settings, styles, methods and materials tell us about the people who built them, the life they lived, and the role these vanishing country cathedrals played in the settling and building of a growing nation? Barns were constructed by farmer-craftsmen, professional builders who travele...

  • A Time For Making

    Nine artisans on secluded Gabriola Island reveal the differences between mass manufactured and authentic locally handmade through intimate portraits of their work and lifestyle.

  • Bespoke
    1 season


    1 season

    Bespoke is an engaging, amusing, irreverent but ultimately thought-provoking look at the rise of the handmade, bespoke, locally produced and artisanal. Writer and presenter Marcus Westbury takes us from Newcastle to New York, from the lovingly crafted to cutting edge technology, from artisanal je...

  • George Nakashima: Conoid Studio


    A rare look at the architecture of the late George Nakashima. His daughter Mira Nakashima takes us on a deep dive into the design of his most ambitious building: the Conoid Studio built in 1957-1959. More than a design story this film tells a story of hope and perseverance. From architect, intern...

  • Wooden Soul

    1 season

    Eight brazilian designers who transformed their passion for wood into a craft. They are: Claudia Moreira Salles, Fernanda Barretto, Fernando Mendes, Hugo França, Julia Krantz, Morito Ebine, Paulo Alves and Ricardo Graham. Between planes, chisels, templates and lots of sawdust, in each episode we ...

  • Art House


    Acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Don Freeman explores handmade homes created and lived in by eleven distinguished American artists, shedding light on a unique architectural typology characterised by a D.I.Y. aesthetic, the appropriation of building techniques from art practice, and a fierce s...

  • Gray Matters

    Championed by a new generation of scholars, artists and collectors this iconic artist is at last emerging from the dark side as new light is shed on all aspects of the Eileen Gray phenomenon.

  • Sukkah City


    When best-selling author Joshua Foer (Moonwalking With Einstein) began to build his first sukkah, a small hut that Jews build and dwell in every fall for the holiday of Sukkot, he wanted to move beyond the generic plywood boxes and canvas tents that have become the unimaginative status quo. He di...