Shelter Originals

  • Here are the Arquitectas

    1 season

    In a New York Times article, writer Allison Arieff raises the question that the architectural community keeps asking: "Where are all the female architects?”

    A documentary series featuring the new wave of female architects working internationally from Mexico.

  • Prefab Future House


    Peter Stutchbury Architects new solution to prefabricated affordable housing from one of Australia’s most celebrated modern architects. A Shelter Original Film.

  • Churches of Iceland
    Movie + 1 extra

    Churches of Iceland

    Movie + 1 extra

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Iceland's churches. These captivating examples of craftsmanship have been instrumental in shaping the country's architectural landscape since the arrival of Christianity in 1000 CE.

    Join us on a journey to discover the enchanting world of Iceland's ...

  • Tiny Spaces: Iceland

    1 season

    Escape the chaos of daily life with Tiny Spaces: Iceland - a series where less is more and a connection to nature is vital.

    Visit a breathtaking Glass Cottage under the Northern Lights, a Prefab Cabin nestled between a volcano and the ocean; a Water Tower painstakingly converted into a micro ho...

  • Mexity
    1 season


    1 season

    Cities today are not necessarily ones we want to live in. As the world becomes more urbanized, initiatives to improve urban environments are needed: Projects that transform the built environment or new ideas for improving the city of tomorrow.

    Mexity explores new relationships between architect...

  • Follies
    1 season


    1 season

    In this series, architectural historian and author Rory Fraser takes us on a journey to four of England’s best follies to discover what makes them some of the country’s most interesting architecture.

    From Gunpowder Plotters to nuclear bunkers and Lord of the Rings, Follies not only provides a u...

  • Design Story: Byron Bay

    1 season

    Design Story: Byron Bay explores why design in this part of Australia has become coveted the world over and includes well-known interior designers such as Louella Boitel-Gill and legendary locations such as Lune de Sang, The Range, Las Palmas, The Eltham Hotel, and Soma.

  • Tiny Spaces

    1 season

    Tiny Spaces delves into the stories behind small architectural dwellings in the native bushland of Victoria, Australia.

    "These miniature marvels of Australian architecture and interior design are small but perfectly formed. So too is each snack-sized episode directed and shot by award-win...

  • Inspired Architecture: Season 2

    1 season

    Season 2 of Inspired Architecture explores another six uniquely Australian buildings and the creative minds behind them. These inspirational structures creatively fuse cutting-edge designs into their natural surroundings.

    From classic Mediterranean-inspired architecture on the Bangalley Headlan...

  • Permanent Camping 2


    10 Years on architect Rob Brown creates a new iteration of the famous Permanent Camping building. Built with the original master maker and joiner Jeffery Broadfield once again. The building uses no fixings or glue in any of the framing and documents the relationship between, architect, builder an...

  • Architecture on the Edge: Season 1

    1 season

    The works of Chilean architecture are sharply man-made, rough, cosmic and oceanic. These breathtaking designs are built on salt blankets in the desert, on the edge of oceans, cradled amongst mountains, grasping to an earthquake prone land.

  • Inspired Architecture: Season 1

    1 season

    Inspired Architecture Series 1 explores six uniquely Australian structures all in their own way inspirational and isolated, the series explores the narrative of the buildings and their creators, and draws the viewer into an active exploration of modern architecture and design. Each episode includ...